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DIY E-Liquid Resources

Over 100+ DIY E-Liquid Resources including the How To Make Vape Juice Guide, MixLife App, & DIY E-Liquid Facebook Group.

DIY E-Liquid Recipes & One Shots

We offer a wide selection of DIY E-Liquid One Shots. Selected from our top e-liquid recipes at numerous Flavor Shops globally.

Custom E-Liquid Recipe Development

Our team of E-Juice Designers can create your next Vape line.

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Download The MixLife App – DIY E-Liquid App

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New! Exclusive Unreleased E-Juice One Shots – EJM x Wizard Labs

Pick up 10 amazing exclusive one shots available only at Wizard Labs in the US.

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DIY E-Liquid One Shots from Chef’s Flavours

Specialty Flavours Available Exclusively In Europe

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The MXR Collection E-Liquid

Available Exclusively In Canada

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E-Juice Makers DIY E-Liquid Recipe Packs Now Available

Fireside, White Wedding, Tony’s Revenge, In A Godda Da Vida, and more!

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Mixlife – DIY E-Liquid Show – Live Sundays 3pm EST

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DIY Mixer’s Showcase E-Juice One Shots

Pick up 3 amazing exclusive one shots from Ecigx in the US.

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