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@ckemist-limeaide DIY E Liquid


A nice refreshing Limeaide e-liquid recipe
@TOLLHOUSE-300x300 DIY E Liquid


The Cookie.
@cinawinFinal-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Cin-A-Win Roll

A delicious flaky cinnamon roll with a cream cheese icing
TheCreamBase-300x300 DIY E Liquid

The Cream Base

The perfect cream blend to mix in bulk and then use for new recipes.
@cherrysunset-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Cherry Sunset

A deep blend of cherry goodness.
dragonflower-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Dragon Flower

A light airy almost like breathing a mist of honeysuckle, dragonfruit, and a hint of sweet strawberry
15036260_928889163912338_2932188584759165780_n-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Bali Breeze

Lychee Love
Apple-juice21-1-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Apple Juice

A simple yet beautiful apple juice.
@thepearbranch DIY E Liquid

The Pear Branch

A delicious Pear ADV
Picture_20161104_094617366-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Cosmic Bloom

Raspberries and Cream like Space tastes
@2ry4-495x400 DIY E Liquid

Two Are Why Four

Two of the best RY4’s blended in a beautiful way
@tobaccocity DIY E Liquid

Tobacco City

A real tobacco vape with spice and strength
14908327_1965175517042399_5472547568083116778_n-300x274 DIY E Liquid

Lost Pilgrim

The Different Thanksgiving Vape
Picture_20161104_102339222-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Bomb Pop

The Old School Icey Treat
@hac-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Honey Almond Cornbread

14591824_1950036418556309_7300607982734176265_n DIY E Liquid

Peachy Palmer

An Ode To A Great Golfer & Beverage
Picture_20161104_095048475-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Melon Moon

Melon Blend of Goodness
@burningtreeappl-300x300 DIY E Liquid

The Burning Apple Tree

The Apple Tree has been set Ablaze!
@Blackbeard-1-300x300 DIY E Liquid


Rum, Tobacco, Cream
nilllanade-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Ckemist Remix: Pink Nilla’Nade

A Pink Lemonade Ice Cream with Strawberry Syrup
LakePlacid-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Lake Placid

Honeysuckle, Strawberry, Pear, & Lime
guavasoda-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Guava Soda

Sometimes the mistakes taste the best. Made while working on another project.
applecotton1-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Apple Cotton

A blend of delicious Apples and Cotton Candy!
strawberryhookah-300x292 DIY E Liquid

Strawberry Hookah

A Fresh Strawberry Shisha Tobacco with a hint of Turkish notes
ghostreserve-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Ghost Reserve

A Remix of Phillip Rocke’s Grand Reserve - Creme de la Creme
cigbreak-447x430 DIY E Liquid

Cigarette Break

A smokey tobacco with caramel, hazelnut, and vanilla cream tones
cherrycoughfin-294x300 DIY E Liquid

Cherry Eucalyptus Cough

This is modeled after a cough drop that one may use when sick....cough cough.
dice_final-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Dice - Aka Danger Juice

All the bad boys in one mix. Creamy Dice’y Goodness.
circuscobbler-300x240 DIY E Liquid

Circus Cobbler (Easy Version)

The Ultimate Funnel Cake - Easy Version