rotwang-metropolis DIY E Liquid

Get ready for something completely different.

New Ckemist Recipe Design I’m working on:

Tropical Trees: An experience.
A sweet smokey malty creamy woody flowery fruity herbal nutty experience.

it’s getting strange in the lab…….

sakurasweets-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Kopel’s Sakura Sweets

Ckemist: "I vaped the whole 30ml over two days straight of this. So different and good."
buttercookies DIY E Liquid

Kopel’s Butter Cookies

This is going insane with great reviews and traffic. Try it!
@Blackbeard-public-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Blackbeard with Stixx Mixx

Ckemist Current ADV
sothernsmokepublic-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Ckemist ADVs: Southern Smoke

Ckemist Current ADVs

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