Noted: Ep. 10 – Oats | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Noted: Ep. 10 – Oats

Buncha Oats

In this episode the crew talk about OAT flavorings.

Flavorings NOTED:

OoO Oatmeal

FLV Oatmeal Raisin

TFA Oatmeal Cookie

TFA Rice Crunchies

WF Caramel Rice Crispy Treats

FLV Marshmallow Treat

FLV Crunch Cereal

FE Sweet Rice

RF Baked Bread

FA Baked Bread

FLV Crunch Cereal.

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Noted: Ep. 10 – Oats




Cherry Vape | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

I love cherry. I’ve always used FlavourArt Black Cherry as an accent cherry in many different types of recipes. New flavor notes for you to check out with two sample recipes for FA Black Cherry.



[Infographic] The Psychology of Vaping | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

[Infographic] The Psychology of Vaping & Why It Succeeds

Much has been written about vaping and its role in helping people to quit smoking. This infographic from purplebox analyses why vaping is far more effective than other quitting techniques. It analyses how vaping lets ex-smokers keep enjoying some of the behavioral nuances of smoking, without all the bad stuff. For example, many smokers will have developed familiar routines that can be hard to break. They might like to have a cigarette after a long day at work and will miss this when it’s gone. Vaping lets you keep this element and reduces the chances that you’ll break.

Another big issue people trying to quit have is when they’re out socialising. Many smokers associate having a drink with having a cigarette and many miss this element on a night out. Again, vaping lets you keep this element so you can stay focussed on quitting cigarettes for good. Find out more in the infographic.

Hello and welcome to Steve K


[Infographic] The Psychology of Vaping & Why It Succeeds




Hospitals Abandon Vaping Ban E-Cigarette Safety | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Hospitals Abandon Vaping Ban After Evidence On E-Cigarette Safety

Two UK hospitals abolished a ban on the use of e-cigarettes Thursday thanks to overwhelming evidence showing they’re vastly safer than tobacco cigarettes. A National Health Service Trust, which run



Tony’s Revenge | Frosted Flakes On Steroids

Cereal Fans should check out SteamRoom’s epic recipe

You can pick up the flavor pack at a discount from BCV too!

Tony’s Revenge | Frosted Flakes On Steroids

Tony’s future was bright. Spending years perfecting his talent and product, He had climbed the ladder of the cereal kingdom. He had established himself as the “face”. Ad revenue and screen castings were rolling in. Tony was on top of the world. That was until the birth of those little ADHD assho……



Flavor-Pro Tips | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Daily Mix Tip: With some flavors less is more, but with some brands less is just less. With brands not designed for vaping, like Loranns and Flavor West and even TFA and CAP, sometimes you do have to use 5% and 10% of the flavoring in order to get a full flavor from it. If you are using the more concentrated flavorings that are intended for vaping, the less is more rule often prevails. Under 3% for most of the super concentrates and even below 1% will often result in better blends. It is all about finding what works for your palate, but don’t forget the more flavoring you use the more likely you will suffer from flavor blindness to those molecules quicker (vapers tongue) so if you can taste a flavor at first and it disappears this may be the problem. For more mixing info check out Flavor Pro


FlavourArt’s Bilberry is a wild European style blueberry, which may not taste like what we expect a blueberry to taste like here in America….



MixLife 16 Show! The Beginners Special with ID10-T and Ckemist episode we talk…

MixLife 16 Show! The Beginners Special with ID10-T and Ckemist

This episode we talk common beginner questions, new mixer mistakes, and general tips and tricks to make your own e-juice. The 16th episode of vaping the DIY …



VON ERL. makes distribution deal with big tobacco company – Vaping360

VON ERL. makes distribution deal with big tobacco company

Austrian vaping company VON ERL. has partnered with Fontem Ventures to boost its distribution strength. Fontem is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands, which is the parent company of Imperial Tobacco, the fourth largest international tobacco company.

VON ERL. is the maker of the well-known My. VON ERL., a popular pod system, sold primarily online and through vape shops. According to the company, they’re now available in more than 3,000 outlets in 12 countries.

An alliance with Fontem will give VON ERL. the distribution power of a tobacco company, and allow their products to be seen by substantially more smokers in many more points of sale. This is likely to become a common strategy for mid- and large-sized e-cigarette companies. Vapor Beast was acquired last year by “little tobacco” company Turning Point Brands.

Fontem owns many e-cigarette patents, including Hon Lik’s original Ruyan patent.

Fontem Ventures makes Imperial’s non-tobacco nicotine products, and is best known for the Blu e-cig brand, which it acquired when Reynolds American International (RAI — better known as RJ Reynolds) bought rival Lorillard. Reynolds and Lorillard were forced to divest themselves of some brands (which also included Winston, Kool and Salem cigarettes) by the Federal Trade Commission.

One of Fontem’s purposes when the subsidiary was created was “to acquire, manage, operate, encumber and dispose of property, including patents and other intellectual property rights.” Fontem owns many e-cigarette patents, including Hon Lik’s original Ruyan patent. In fact, along with their 2013 purchase of the Hon Lik/Dragonite patents, Hon himself came to work for Fontem. He still does.

Fontem Ventures has been responsible for good science on vapor products, including funding some studies that were done by independent researchers. The company also created an astroturf advocacy site that recruited vapers through social media to contribute their stories, while hiding its origin. That site shut down quickly after being exposed as a non-grassroots effort.

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VON ERL. makes distribution deal with big tobacco company – Vaping360