RECIPE: “Drone”(Frozen Vanilla Pudding Pop) • r/DIY_eJuice

RECIPE: “Drone”(Frozen Vanilla Pudding Pop)


Based on the sexiest Borg in the Delta Quadrant(except this one is based on Seven Of Nine when she was still under control of The Collective). Part 2 in my Seven Of Nine/Borg Trilogy


Coolness and incredible arrogance are traits of this Borg Drone. For this reason, an assimilation of Polar Blast seemed relevant. FA Polar Blast IMHO, gives a far more realistic ‘cooling’ effect than the traditional koolada does here.

Infused with the distinctive combination of TFA Vanilla Swirl & FA Vienna Cream. These 2, at these percentages create that perfect pudding mouth feel. Fortunately, taste is not irrelevant.”

This recipe(after a 5 day steep) proves you don’t need VBIC, CAP Vanilla Custard or Meringue/Fresh Cream to make a thick pudding or ice cream! All you need are 3 common concentrates, 1 enhancer, 1 sweetener, and 5 days steep to enjoy your very own frozen Vanilla Pudding Pop treat. Enjoy!!

After 5 days steep time, Polar Ice will calm into the perfect degree of chilly coolness in a simple Vanilla Pudding Pop treat!!


•TFA Vanilla Swirl 7%

•FA Vienna Cream 1.5%

•FW Hazelnut 2%

•FA Polar Blast 0.5%

•Erythritol 0.5%

Star Trek: Voyager & all its’ characters are the sole property of Paramount. No profit has been made on this recipe.

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RECIPE: “Drone”(Frozen Vanilla Pudding Pop) • r/DIY_eJuice