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Chinese language customs seizes smuggled American e-liquid

Customs brokers in China have confiscated 600 metric tons (1.three million kilos) of e-liquid being smuggled into the nation from america.

The Chinese language information company Xinhua is reporting that the product has a price of about $44 million (300 million yuan). Twenty individuals have been positioned beneath “prison detention” after the seizure.

The story has little or no element about what was seized, describing it solely as “digital cigarette oil,” which may imply that it’s PG or VG or completed e-liquid. However the $44 million determine would appear to point one thing greater than PG or VG within the containers.

The customs seizure was an enormous operation, with 320 police raiding 4 separate firms, described as being based mostly in Shenzhen and Xiamen, and supplying “the vast majority of the e-cigarette oil within the Chinese language market.”

That data got here from Zhou Bin, head of Gongbei Customs Workplace, in keeping with Xinhua. Zhou instructed the information company that Chinese language e-cigarette gross sales have grown 300 p.c yearly ”lately.”

He additionally stated that many of the e-liquid offered in China is imported. That itself is attention-grabbing, contemplating that each e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturing originated in China, and there are nonetheless main e-liquid producers like Hangsen and Dekang working within the nation.

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Chinese customs seizes smuggled American e-liquid – Vaping360




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If you want to color your liquids, my suggestion is to stay away from artificial colors as they pose the most potential for safety risk. Nature’s Flavors does carry natural food colorings, they aren’t quite as vibrant as artificial colors, but they will color your liquids. Being natural there may be less cancer risks as those are worries with artificial colors just in eating them, imagine what they could do to your lungs! So if you want to dye your eliquids a color, Go Natural.

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For the sake of freshness and taste most e-liquids should be vaped within 18 months of mixing. Add your Born on Date to your bottle labels so you know when you mixed it.

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