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Chinese language customs seizes smuggled American e-liquid

Customs brokers in China have confiscated 600 metric tons (1.three million kilos) of e-liquid being smuggled into the nation from america.

The Chinese language information company Xinhua is reporting that the product has a price of about $44 million (300 million yuan). Twenty individuals have been positioned beneath “prison detention” after the seizure.

The story has little or no element about what was seized, describing it solely as “digital cigarette oil,” which may imply that it’s PG or VG or completed e-liquid. However the $44 million determine would appear to point one thing greater than PG or VG within the containers.

The customs seizure was an enormous operation, with 320 police raiding 4 separate firms, described as being based mostly in Shenzhen and Xiamen, and supplying “the vast majority of the e-cigarette oil within the Chinese language market.”

That data got here from Zhou Bin, head of Gongbei Customs Workplace, in keeping with Xinhua. Zhou instructed the information company that Chinese language e-cigarette gross sales have grown 300 p.c yearly ”lately.”

He additionally stated that many of the e-liquid offered in China is imported. That itself is attention-grabbing, contemplating that each e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturing originated in China, and there are nonetheless main e-liquid producers like Hangsen and Dekang working within the nation.

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Chinese customs seizes smuggled American e-liquid – Vaping360




FDA to delay e-cigarette Regs | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers


FDA to delay e-cigarette reg for years and explore reducing nicotine in conventional cigarettes

The FDA will exploring reduce nicotine in cigarettes so that the products are no longer addictive.



Noted: Ep. 10 – Oats | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Noted: Ep. 10 – Oats

Buncha Oats

In this episode the crew talk about OAT flavorings.

Flavorings NOTED:

OoO Oatmeal

FLV Oatmeal Raisin

TFA Oatmeal Cookie

TFA Rice Crunchies

WF Caramel Rice Crispy Treats

FLV Marshmallow Treat

FLV Crunch Cereal

FE Sweet Rice

RF Baked Bread

FA Baked Bread

FLV Crunch Cereal.

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Noted: Ep. 10 – Oats




Chef’s Launch One Shot Giveaway | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Chef’s Launch with Free E-Juice Makers One Shot Giveaways

E-Juice Makers Summertime Collection Launch



UK health body: Don’t treat vaping like smoking | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

UK health body: Don’t treat vaping like smoking

Public Health England supports vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking.



Daily Mix Tip: The total flavoring | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Daily Mix Tip: The total flavoring used in a recipe is less important that the amounts of each individual flavoring. If you have to use 10% of a weak flavoring, and you are using 3 weak flavorings, you may end up with a recipe that is 30% flavoring total. Is this bad? Not really. Since weaker flavors tend to be higher in their carrier base liquid than molecules, you are actually getting far less flavoring molecules with 30% “flavoring” of weaker flavors than you would of 5% of ultra concentrated flavoring. Focus more on how you use each individual flavoring in the recipe and less about how much total flavoring you are using. You want to get to know each flavoring well and at what percentages you like it. Because with DIY it is all about what YOU want.

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Medical Community Pushes Australian Government To Reform Its E-cig Laws – VAPE Magazine

Medical Community Pushes Australian Government To Reform Its E-cig Laws

Australian parliamentarians are being told that smokers should have an easier means of transitioning from smoking to vaping, and that current legislation is not conducive in reaching that end.

Doctors turned advocates believe that marginalizing smokers and presenting them with a “quit or die” ultimatum is unjust.

Several of these medical practitioners suggest that the Australian government should adopt measures seen in the US and UK, which currently allow its citizens access to nicotine vaping products, according to PerthNow.

While e-cigarettes are legal in Australia, the sale and possession of nicotine commonly used in them is still illegal.

In 2015, the first large-scale Australian study found that two thirds of the Australian smokers would die from smoking-related illnesses, PerthNow reports.

To read more click here for the PerthNow story.

Chris Mellides is the Managing Editor of VAPE Magazine. A seasoned journalist, he has worked in all areas of the media industry since first getting his start in newspaper reporting. Contact him at


Medical Community Pushes Australian Government To Reform Its E-cig Laws – VAPE Magazine




Daily Mix Tip: Storing DIY E-Liquid & Vape Juice

Daily Mix Tip: It is best to store your mixed e-liquid in glass or PET plastic bottles. LDPE and HDPE are fine bottles to use for daily use, but for making large batches of your flavorite recipes store the large quantity in glass or PET and transfer into your smaller bottles as you need it. Storing in LDPE can leave your juice vulnerable to air exposure as these bottles do breath and allow for flavors to soak into the plastic and absorb aromas from the environment as well which can cause off flavors.

If you are looking to pick up some PET bottles or Glass check out Wizard Labs

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Daily Mix Tip: Forget about speed steeping. | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Daily Mix Tip: Forget about speed steeping. In an endless pursuit to figure out how to make e-liquid mixed and immediately vapeable like it would taste 3 weeks to 2 months from now, not one single method I’ve tested resulted in a liquid that was adequately steeped. There may be methods that the commercial big boys are using that create an almost steeped version to finish steeping on the shelves and remains stable enough for long enough to be sold and vaped, but most of those methods are well outside the financial reach or space of most at home mixers. Magnetic stirrers, ultrasonic water baths with/out heat, vortex mixers, microwaving, seed steeping, or any of the supposed advanced methods do vary little to reduce the amount of time steeping that most recipes will need. Create a few recipes with flavors you enjoy vaping fresh and as they steep so that you have a few shake and vape recipes to use while your other recipes get a good hand-shaking and are stored away in a dark cool place for 1-6 weeks. Save your money, buy more flavors!



Daily Mix Tip: If you’re looking for an exact 1 to 1 clone | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Daily Mix Tip: If you’re looking for an exact 1 to 1 clone of your favorite commercial e-liquid, get that thought out of your mind. Figuring out the exact recipe is generally not going to happen, not because the flavorings are hard to get, but because figuring out the exact percentages and combination is usually damn near impossible for most average palates. To create a Remix of your favorite flavor will require identifying the flavor profile as best you can, write it down, then purchase flavorings you think it might be to test (if you don’t have them on hand.) You can also search through the recipe sites or ask around the groups if anyone has any recipes that resemble that profile, this can help you gather a shopping list. No it is not cheap to recreate a commercial juice, because there are a lot of brands out there, so prepare for buying the same flavor across multiple brands in order to figure out which one it may be.

While you are looking to create your favorite commercial e-liquid, don’t forget to continue to try out or create new flavor profiles you may in turn love even more than your favorite commercial brand. You’ll always have something to vape as long as you keep mixing.