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Chinese language customs seizes smuggled American e-liquid

Customs brokers in China have confiscated 600 metric tons (1.three million kilos) of e-liquid being smuggled into the nation from america.

The Chinese language information company Xinhua is reporting that the product has a price of about $44 million (300 million yuan). Twenty individuals have been positioned beneath “prison detention” after the seizure.

The story has little or no element about what was seized, describing it solely as “digital cigarette oil,” which may imply that it’s PG or VG or completed e-liquid. However the $44 million determine would appear to point one thing greater than PG or VG within the containers.

The customs seizure was an enormous operation, with 320 police raiding 4 separate firms, described as being based mostly in Shenzhen and Xiamen, and supplying “the vast majority of the e-cigarette oil within the Chinese language market.”

That data got here from Zhou Bin, head of Gongbei Customs Workplace, in keeping with Xinhua. Zhou instructed the information company that Chinese language e-cigarette gross sales have grown 300 p.c yearly ”lately.”

He additionally stated that many of the e-liquid offered in China is imported. That itself is attention-grabbing, contemplating that each e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturing originated in China, and there are nonetheless main e-liquid producers like Hangsen and Dekang working within the nation.

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Chinese customs seizes smuggled American e-liquid – Vaping360




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England officially sides with vaping! | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

England officially sides with vaping!

England is the first country in the world to recommend vaping to smokers as part of its official tobacco control plan. The 32-page document was released Tuesday. It applies only to England, not the entire United Kingdom, which also includes Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

“This is probably the first significant government policy paper anywhere that recognises and pursues the opportunities of tobacco harm reduction, rather than defining these technologies as a threat to be suppressed,” wrote Clive Bates in his blog.

England has been a pioneer — the pioneer — in promoting vaping to smokers.

The plan is starkly different from American tobacco control efforts. The idea that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or the California Department of Public Health, might actually recommend that smokers use reduced-risk products like e-cigarettes to improve their health is about as likely as Stanton Glantz tearing open a pack of Kools and lighting up at a UCSF fundraiser.

England has been a pioneer — the pioneer — in promoting vaping to smokers. It wasn’t that long ago — just two years, in fact, in 2015 — when Public Health England’s “E-cigarettes: an evidence update” shook the foundations of tobacco control, and defined the divide in public health between harm reduction and prohibition.

Vaping in the workplace? Yes, please!

Last year, PHE issued guidance to employers, reminding them, “Different approaches will be appropriate in different places, but policies should take account of the evidence and clearly distinguish vaping from smoking.”

The tobacco control plan makes that advice more official. “This recognises that decisions on vaping policy should rest with owners and managers of premises – and that the justification to override the preferences of property owners with blanket vape-free laws does not exist,” writes Clive Bates. “This is an ethically robust position to take.”

Will England dump the TPD after Brexit?

The hated Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) provoked many vapers to vote to leave the European Union last year. The tobacco control plan provides the first official hint that England could possibly abandon the TPD after the U.K. exits the E.U.

“We will look to identify where we can sensibly deregulate without harming public health or where EU regulations limit our ability to deal with tobacco,” says the Department of Health. “In particular, the government will assess recent legislation such as the Tobacco Products Directive, including as it applies to e-cigarettes, and consider where the UK’s exit provides opportunity to alter the legislative provisions to provide for improved health outcomes within the UK context.”

That would be a welcome development for vapers and vaping businesses. The disruption to the market caused by the pointless regulations of the TPD has caused some vape companies in the U.K. to close, and forced vapers to hack devices and DIY e-liquid to have workable gear.

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England officially sides with vaping! – Vaping360




[Infographic] The Psychology of Vaping | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

[Infographic] The Psychology of Vaping & Why It Succeeds

Much has been written about vaping and its role in helping people to quit smoking. This infographic from purplebox analyses why vaping is far more effective than other quitting techniques. It analyses how vaping lets ex-smokers keep enjoying some of the behavioral nuances of smoking, without all the bad stuff. For example, many smokers will have developed familiar routines that can be hard to break. They might like to have a cigarette after a long day at work and will miss this when it’s gone. Vaping lets you keep this element and reduces the chances that you’ll break.

Another big issue people trying to quit have is when they’re out socialising. Many smokers associate having a drink with having a cigarette and many miss this element on a night out. Again, vaping lets you keep this element so you can stay focussed on quitting cigarettes for good. Find out more in the infographic.

Hello and welcome to Steve K


[Infographic] The Psychology of Vaping & Why It Succeeds




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Daily Mix Tip: The Shelf Life | DIY E-Liquid Blog – E-Juice Makers

Daily Mix Tip: The shelf life of your DIY e-liquid will depend on your storage. Most e-liquid needs a month or two to fully steep. From there once it has steeped its flavor stabilizes for a few months, with minimal change noticed. Between 6 months and 1 year after mixing your e-liquids will begin to decline in flavor profile taste, though it is still fully vapable. After 1 year your flavoring can become more compromised, fading or becoming a bit muddled. Eventually, if nicotine is present the nicotine will also age turning your liquid very dark depending on the strength of the nicotine. During the second year e-liquid will likely become nearly unvapable if you have added nicotine, if it is not nicotined then you may still be able to vape the liquid during year 2 but some flavorings may be muted or begin to taste off.

For the sake of freshness and taste most e-liquids should be vaped within 18 months of mixing. Add your Born on Date to your bottle labels so you know when you mixed it.

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Medical Community Pushes Australian Government To Reform Its E-cig Laws – VAPE Magazine

Medical Community Pushes Australian Government To Reform Its E-cig Laws

Australian parliamentarians are being told that smokers should have an easier means of transitioning from smoking to vaping, and that current legislation is not conducive in reaching that end.

Doctors turned advocates believe that marginalizing smokers and presenting them with a “quit or die” ultimatum is unjust.

Several of these medical practitioners suggest that the Australian government should adopt measures seen in the US and UK, which currently allow its citizens access to nicotine vaping products, according to PerthNow.

While e-cigarettes are legal in Australia, the sale and possession of nicotine commonly used in them is still illegal.

In 2015, the first large-scale Australian study found that two thirds of the Australian smokers would die from smoking-related illnesses, PerthNow reports.

To read more click here for the PerthNow story.

Chris Mellides is the Managing Editor of VAPE Magazine. A seasoned journalist, he has worked in all areas of the media industry since first getting his start in newspaper reporting. Contact him at


Medical Community Pushes Australian Government To Reform Its E-cig Laws – VAPE Magazine




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