Cola Pop Tab So let’s take a little bit to talk about something I’ve been workin…

Cola Pop Tab
So let’s take a little bit to talk about something I’ve been working on a great deal these past two months. Soda. It’s weird. It’s thick and syrupy and sticks to your taste buds for ages. But soda concentrates all fall flat (Some quite literally) I tried CAP, TFA, and FW soda types galore. And they were all weird. Some slightly fizzy, some kinda flat and stale tasting. Non quite hit the marker. Then I got FA Cola. And at first I thought I’d found it. The standalone cola king. But after about 3 hours from fresh it went to kind of a weird Gummy Cola. But I felt it had the best potential.
We’ll start our recipe base for Soda here and make additions along the way.
FA Cola is fairly strong, so I never go over 3% with it. 4% gets too effervescent to my tastes though I’ve heard that some really enjoyed it that high. For today, we’ll play it conservative at 2.5%.
By itself it’s got a nice cola flavor, a bit of fizz mouth feel, and some of the darker notes I get from a can of regular ole cola. But it’s thin and lacks body. And without some help, it steeps into a Cola gummy that, while not bad tasting, isn’t what I’m after. After hours of reading I started to pick up on some things in regular sodas that I was missing from FA Cola.
CARAMEL. It’s in basically every single dark soda on the market, some more than others. Notably anything with Vanilla, or Cherry usually has some extra caramel. I use FA Caramel for now, but I have tests going with FW and TFA as well. CAP Caramel is funky and doesn’t fit at all. FA Caramel at 1.5% has been the closest so far but FW may be creeping in.
VANILLA. Another staple in sweet soda flavors. Without adding creamy vanilla our choices start to get a little limited. I’ve been alternating between FA Vanilla Classic and TFA Vanillin. I get more realistic results with just Vanillin, but FA Vanilla Classic is an excellent choice here as well. For today’s play test we’ll go with TFA Vanillin at 2%, but feel free to mess around with FA Vanilla Classic at around 1.5% instead.
ALMOND. A strange addition at first thought, but it’s definitely in many of the darker sodas. Or at least it’s a close proximity to the nutty tones from the Kola nut which is where our delicious addictive friend gets it’s name. We can go conservative here with some FA Almond around .75% I’ve tried with other almond/nut flavors and FA Marzipan is the only other flavor that works here. Either, or, or both at half work.
So for our final work we have
FA Cola 2.5%
FA Caramel 1.5%
TFA Vanillin 2%
FA Almond .75%
The end result, after about 3-5 days steep, is a rich deeply sweet soda vape. Add your favorite fruit variations to this base, or other flavors! This also works well to develop a more nuanced Root Beer by using this base alongside 5% FW Root Beer, and some TFA Wintergreen around .5%. Feel free to mess around with the format, and let me know your thoughts!