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“The Collective”(Pistachio Maryjane Custard)

“The Collective”

Based on the sexiest Borg in the Delta Quadrant, I introduce a dark and addictive eliquid that brings order to chaos—“The Collective”. Part 3 in my Seven Of Nine/Borg Trilogy.


This recipe is an assimilation of really oddball & unique flavors. I mean, who the hell would make a Maryjane-Pistachio Custard? Good fresh out of the gate, but of course it begins to shine after a week or more. Personally, I prefer it fresh(weird, I know!)!

Recipe(13% flavoring/75%VG):

•TFA Mary Jane 2%

•TFA RY4 Double 2.5%

•TFA Pistachio 2%

•CAP Vanilla Custard 5%

•JF Dulce De Leche 1%

•CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl 0.5%


My choice of TFA Mary Jane is obvious, and 2% plays very well with the other ingredients. Any more than 2% and I’m feeling like I’m vaping Scotch Tape® flavored eliquid.

I still felt as though the Mary Jane needed a counter-balance in order to become ‘fuller’/more authentic tasting. And TFA RY4 Double performed the task perfectly. This is not an RY4 mix by any means, so I kept the percentage at 2.5%.

Again, another obvious player here is TFA Pistachio. In combination with the RY4, it brings out an almost “ashy” though nutty flavor. And I just love TFAs version of pistachio above all others.

JF Dulce De Leche & CAP Vanilla Custard v1 obviously provide a nice thick custard base. At 5%, the custard’s egginess is restrained somewhat and doesn’t “bogart” the entire mix!

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl at 0.5% adds a bit of depth to TFA’s Mary Jane. It’s a clever magician that can perform a pretty cool disappearing act at wattages around 45-55. Increase wattage to 63 or higher and the cinnamon comes out more, but only as a supporting flavoring.

I do NOT recommend any substitutions, sweeteners nor changes in percentages.

Star Trek: Voyager & all its’ characters are the sole property of Paramount. No profit has been made on this recipe.

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“The Collective”(Pistachio Maryjane Custard) • r/DIY_eJuice