Daily Mix Tip: Storing DIY E-Liquid & Vape Juice


Daily Mix Tip: It is best to store your mixed e-liquid in glass or PET plastic bottles. LDPE and HDPE are fine bottles to use for daily use, but for making large batches of your flavorite recipes store the large quantity in glass or PET and transfer into your smaller bottles as you need it. Storing in LDPE can leave your juice vulnerable to air exposure as these bottles do breath and allow for flavors to soak into the plastic and absorb aromas from the environment as well which can cause off flavors.

If you are looking to pick up some PET bottles or Glass check out Wizard Labs http://ow.ly/5RAR30dFlgZ

For more great mixing information please visit Flavor-Pro: http://ow.ly/EtIE30dFlis