Grape Germaine –


My final piece working with the Flavor Monks Gin line this year, but with many more expected after new years is over!

I started with a grape base using both INW Grapes and FLV Grape. INW has a slightly candied finish, where FLV comes closer to grape juice. I wanted both of those qualities to show, so we started at equal parts both at 2.5% allows them both to shine without overpowering the other. Earlier versions I went lower and higher with the other but they just balance better at even ratios.

FLV Elderflower, if you’ve ever had a cocktail with St Germaine in it, you’ll know this flavor straight away. A niche floral for most, but it’s ideal for these sort of bright, herbal gin flavors. Brightly floral with a distinct elderflower flavor that you can’t miss. A bit potent fresh, but just fine after 2-3 days steep.

FM OMGin: Hands down my favorite gin from their line. It’s simply super versatile. At 3% it stands out just enough to cut through some of the thicker sweet notes in the grape base and support those light floral notes in the FLV Elderflower.

Being a fan of sweet cocktails I added 2% Erythritol (5% in VG) in my final recipe, but it’s super optional if you’re into a more bitter/less sweet cocktail. In closing, here’s

Grape Germaine –

0.25% Elderflower (Flavorah) * 2.00% Erythritol 5% (NN) * 2.50% Grape (Flavorah) * 2.50% Grapes (Inawera) * 3.00% OMGin Flavor Monks *