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Daily Mix Tip: Forget about speed steeping. In an endless pursuit to figure out how to make e-liquid mixed and immediately vapeable like it would taste 3 weeks to 2 months from now, not one single method I’ve tested resulted in a liquid that was adequately steeped. There may be methods that the commercial big boys are using that create an almost steeped version to finish steeping on the shelves and remains stable enough for long enough to be sold and vaped, but most of those methods are well outside the financial reach or space of most at home mixers. Magnetic stirrers, ultrasonic water baths with/out heat, vortex mixers, microwaving, seed steeping, or any of the supposed advanced methods do vary little to reduce the amount of time steeping that most recipes will need. Create a few recipes with flavors you enjoy vaping fresh and as they steep so that you have a few shake and vape recipes to use while your other recipes get a good hand-shaking and are stored away in a dark cool place for 1-6 weeks. Save your money, buy more flavors! http://ow.ly/CQU530cJp3C