ChemcraftSet-1200x430 DIY E Liquid

The Strangery E-Juice Recipes

All recipes are used with permission from the recipe creator.

@oldtimer-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Old Timer

Lost flavors of the past. A Kopel ADV
@jazzhands1-300x300 DIY E Liquid

"Jazz Hands"

@roots DIY E Liquid

Roots & Stixx

@dayman-300x300 DIY E Liquid


He is the fighter of the Nightman.
@Nightman-300x300 DIY E Liquid


An ode by Kopel
@clouseau-final500-300x300 DIY E Liquid


A Strawberry, Rhubarb, Red Currant custard from a far away country.
@casablanca-300x300 DIY E Liquid


A Middle Eastern Fruity Hookah
@burningtreeappl-300x300 DIY E Liquid

The Burning Apple Tree

A Burning Apple Tree
@memphis-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Memphis Belle

A Decadant Peach & Oba Oba Yogurt
sakurasweets-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Sakura Sweets

Sweet Lychee, Honeysuckle, Hibiscus, & Cherry Blossom with a hint of Raspberry
dragonflower-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Dragon Flower

A light airy almost like breathing a mist of honeysuckle, dragonfruit, and a hint of sweet strawberry
kopel-easysakura22-1-300x295 DIY E Liquid

Sweet Sakura Cider - Basic Version

A Refreshing Pear & Raspberry Cider
cherrycoughfin-294x300 DIY E Liquid

Cherry Eucalyptus Cough

This is modeled after a cough drop that one may use when sick....cough cough.
@sleepytime-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Sleepy Time

That Bear is never getting anything done though.
dirtychai-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Dirty Chai

A delicious warm chai tea vape with the perfect blend of cream and spices.
kopel-watermelonmintfinal-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Melon-Mint Agua Fresca

A Refreshing Watermelon Mint Aqua Fresca
13957045_869606796507242_431689038_n-300x300 DIY E Liquid

Soccer Moms

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