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A new recipe from Kopel!

I wanted to spend a little time getting back to my roots a bit, after being so deep in weirdness for so long I was craving some simple fruit, bold and sweet. It was definitely inspired by /u/fizzmustard’s great Mustard Tiger, but I lacked the TFA Pina Colada, and I was craving the ultra sweet so I made some tweaks to my liking. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am right now!

Tiki Punch!



Coconut Extra (TPA) 0.15
Golden Pineapple (CAP) 4
Jelly Candy (CAP) 3
Strawberry (TPA) 4
Watermelon (Clear) (LA) 7

Flavor total: 18.15%

This profile isn’t really all that new, especially to anyone who has been mixing or vaping for a long time. Nonetheless here’s some brief notes.

LA Watermelon: I chose this for it’s candy like sweetness that I found to be slightly fuller to me than TFA Watermelon Candy (which I do rather enjoy, but I prefer using it in drink types myself) This in conjunction with the CAP Jelly Candy is what gives us the thick sickly sweet “punch” body.

TFA Strawberry: Again chosen for it’s slightly candied qualities. I don’t necessarily taste the strawberry itself, but for me it definitely lends those candy/sweet tones to the overall mix.

CAP Golden Pineapple: I would have chosen HS Pineapple here, but I am out until I can afford to restock from BCF. Still an excellent pineapple, and it’s sweet undertones really lend to the thick candy/sweet flavor while brightening things up a bit.

CAP Jelly Candy: My initial impressions of this flavor weren’t promising, but upon a request from a friend I dug a little deeper and found a happy place for it. If you go any higher on % with this it starts to get sort of weird, but here paired with other really bold flavors it does really well. It ties together all the sweet notes from LA Watermelon, TFA Strawberry, and CAP Golden Pineapple beautifully while adding that candied finish that really sets it apart.
TFA Coconut Extra: This stuff overpowers quickly, and it’s only meant to add a little body/depth as opposed to really altering the flavor. I feel it does it’s job well here, though you could probably leave it out if you wanted to.

Shake and vape certified, though it does best after around 3 days IMO.

Tiki Punch! – e-liquid-recipes.com

0.15% Coconut Extra (TPA) * 4.00% Golden Pineapple (Cap) * 3.00% Jelly Candy (Cap) * 4.00% Strawberry (TPA) * 7.00% Watermelon (Clear) (LA) * A very bright tropical fruit candy/punch mix. Very bold flavor, and very sweet!